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Whitt Building Supplies is proud to be your go-to source for steel and structural products in Gatesville, Killeen, and Waco, TX. With our extensive experience, we have the expertise to assist with any building project. Whether constructing a new house or renovating a room, we can provide the building supplies you need to finish the job.

As a locally owned and operated supplier, we prioritize providing personalized customer service and next-day delivery. You can trust us to provide the equipment for your metal buildings and complete your project. Here are some of the things that we can offer you:


Beams are integral structural elements in construction, providing horizontal support for loads on floors, ceilings, and roofs. They bear the weight of the structure perpendicular to their direction. In most situations, I-beams made from steel and other alloys are used as support on the main frame of the building.

Cee Purlin

Cee purlins, or C purlins, support beams on walls and flooring on metal constructions. As the name suggests, they’re shaped like the letter C with a flattened side. Cee purlins are lightweight, durable, and easy to use.

Eave Struts

Eave struts are supplementary framing components in the framework of a building. Positioned between the beams and purlins, they offer extra roof and wall paneling reinforcement. Eave struts add additional stability and durability to the overall construction.

Rectangular Tubing

Also known as tube steel and box section, rectangular tubes are generally used for supporting structures and concealing pipes and wires. They’re made from durable stainless steel or aluminum, making them last a long time.

Square Tubing

Like rectangular tubing, square tubing is also used for structural support. It’s a popular choice for constructing fences and gates. Because of its shape, it can also withstand heavy loads, making it ideal for various building applications.

Angle Iron

Angle irons are l-shaped metal components that bear excessive amounts of pressure and weight. They are designed to offer extra support where two materials meet at a right angle. That makes them perfect for miscellaneous repairs, masonry work, construction, shelving, etc.

Flat Bar

Flat bars are used to provide support for buildings and decks, often made from different metals like steel or aluminum. They are used in various applications, like reinforcing roofs and walls.

Square Bar

Like flat bars, square bars can be used in various applications. They are commonly used for building fences, gates, railings, and more.

Round Bar

Round bars are thick, pre-finished metal products with a circular base. They are also known as bar stocks and are commonly used for construction that does not need high-strength concrete.


(3/8″, 5/8″, 1/2″)

Rebars are steel bars used to reinforce concrete and prevent cracks from forming. Adding rebars can make your concrete structure several times more resistant to failure.

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