Rebars, or reinforcement steel, are essential for fortifying concrete structures. They are made to provide additional strength and structural stability to the concrete, increasing its load-bearing capacity. That allows the building to withstand anything.

In construction, various types of rebars are used to meet specific needs and standards. They hold unique properties that make them suitable for their applications. It’s essential to differentiate them from each other to know when to use one for a particular project. That said, here are a few of the common rebar types you should know:

Carbon Steel

Out of all the known rebar types, carbon steel is the most commonly used, especially for commercial and residential construction projects. Commonly referred to as “black bars” due to its carbon component, this type offers several advantages.

A great thing about carbon steel rebars is that it’s exceptionally cost-effective, not to mention highly durable. Although carbon steel is easily susceptible to corrosion, it’s still highly versatile and can be used when there is no moisture. Their high tensile strength and load-bearing capacity ensure that structures built with carbon steel rebars can withstand heavy loads and external forces.


For carbon steel rebars to become more corrosive-resistant, a special epoxy coating is applied during manufacturing. This additional layer of epoxy allows the rebar to become more resistant to rust and corrosion. Because of that, epoxy-coated rebars can be used in places with high humidity and moisture. Remember that the epoxy layer is delicate and can be damaged if not shipped carefully.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel rebars are the most expensive and strongest rebar type in the market today. It’s highly resistant to rust and high temperatures, making them fit for outdoor applications where the rebar will be exposed to the elements. Stainless steel rebars are also known to be very flexible and versatile. One downside to this option is that this type is the most expensive one available.

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