Cee Purlin

In construction and architecture, purlins are horizontal bars mainly used as structural supports in buildings. They can be made from various materials, including cold-formed steel and other alloys. There are multiple types of metal purlins, each with a specific project purpose. One of them is cee purlins. If you want to learn more about cee purlins and what they can do, read this:

What Are Cee Purlins and Their Uses in a Construction?

A cee purlin, also known as a c-section purlin, is a specific type of purlin commonly used in various construction projects for support. It got its name from its distinctive shape, resembling the letter C with a flat side. It’s also available in various lengths and sizes to fit your needs. It typically ranges anywhere from 4” to 12”.

Cee purlins serve as a crucial component in the structural framework of buildings and are used in constructing walls and floors. They can provide the necessary reinforcement to prevent sagging or distortion. As such, cee purlins can ensure the structural integrity of the building.

Besides being implemented for their primary function, their versatility allows them to be used in other aspects of construction. An example is their use of door framings. They can be used to add stability to the door’s structure and provide more strength. Cee purlins can also be applied on roof and window trimmings, serving as a base for attaching components.

Advantages of Using Cee Purlins

Cee purlins are lightweight yet durable, able to withstand extreme loads and weather conditions. Depending on the material used to make the purlin, they can even be corrosion-resistant. Because of their lighter weight, this purlin type is also easy to install. As such, it’s a great option for industrial and commercial buildings.

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