Angle Bar

An angle bar, sometimes known as an l-bracket or an angle iron, is a metal fabrication used in various construction applications. It’s one of the most basic forms of fabricated steel. Whitt Building Supplies can provide you with the angle bars you need for your project. But before that, we need to talk about things you need to know about them.

Angle Bar Applications

As discussed, angle bars are versatile and could be used in various construction applications. One of their most common uses is reinforcing concrete structures, supporting ceilings, and many more. Using angle bars can reduce the amount of concrete needed. That improves structural stability without any compromises.

A steel angle bar can also be used to cover edges and corners to help keep them in shape. Corners with angle bars are more resistant to wear and tear, chipping, and corrosion. Meanwhile, smaller angle bars can support bed frames and tables. Due to how they can carry heavy loads, angle bars can become shelving units in garages and laundry rooms.

Advantages of Using Angle Bars in Your Project

Due to them being made from high-quality alloys, angle bars are highly durable. Their material allows them to be highly resistant to weathering and oxidation. Their 90-degree bend further enhances their strength, making them an exceptional choice for outdoor applications.

Another advantage that angle bars have is that they’re often budget-friendly. Since angle bars are one of the most basic metal products available for construction, they’re an economical choice compared to other types of metals. That makes them a popular option for those with a tight construction budget.

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