Steel beams are the go-to option for supporting heavy loads when it comes to building structures. They are versatile and could be used in various applications, whether for residential or commercial construction. Serving as crucial elements in the framework of a building, beams can come in a number of sizes and shapes.

Their durability and strength make steel beams indispensable for ensuring the stability and integrity of a structure. If you want to learn more, here are some of the common types of steel beams:


W-beams, commonly referred to as wide flange beams, are one of the most widely used steel beam types due to their versatility and strength. They’re stout with wide flanges positioned perpendicular to the web, giving them a characteristic shape.

Wide flange beams are lightweight, making them perfect for smaller projects and as structure reinforcements. They are also easy to weld together, allowing seamless integration. W-beams are often used in residential construction and reinforcements in other structures.



Another common beam type is the H-beam. It is also sometimes known as bearing piles. H-beams have a longer and heavier profile than W-beams, allowing them to withstand heavier loads.

H-beams are used for larger construction projects like high-rise buildings. Its distinct “H” shape provides excellent support and load-bearing capabilities. Additionally, their versatility ensures stability throughout the construction process.


I-beams, also known as universal beams, have flanges that are parallel to each other. While they may appear similar to H-beams, I-beams are often lighter with tapered flanges. As such, they are often used as critical support trusses in construction, such as for floors, roofs, and other structural components.

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